Philosophical Questions and Biological Findings-Part 1: Human Aggression

PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTIONS AND BIOLOGICAL FINDINGS, PART I: HUMAN COOPERATIVITY, COMPETITION, AGGRESSION by Marcia Pally Abstract. This first part of a two-part article illustrates how research in evolutionary biology and psychology illuminates questions arising in philosophy—specifically questions about the origins of […]

Circling the wagons or opening the circle

Circling the Wagons or Opening the Circle For Dialog By Marcia Pally, New York University, Abstract: “To approach eudaimonia or human flourishing,” Darcia Narvaez writes, “one must have a concept of human nature, a realization of what constitutes […]

Evangelicals, Right-wing Populism, Trump: Not a Faustian Bargain

Evangelicals, Right-wing Populism, Trump: Not a Faustian Bargain Published in Theologische Literaturzeitung, Nov. 2019, pp 1084-1102. Introduction The 81 percent of white American evangelicals who voted for Donald Trump in 20161 drew substantial attention as it seemed that one of America’s […]

Pandemic Police Populism

Pandemic Police Populism By Marcia Pally  June 26, 2020 Blaming Covid 19 on the World Health Organization or on a lab in China and calling Black Lives Matter “radical leftist extremists” follow the American-populist playbook of responding to duress by […]

America’s New Evangelicals and Their Politics

Campaign Stops STRONG OPINIONS ON THE 2012 ELECTION The New Evangelicals By MARCIA PALLY The New York Times, Dec. 9, 2011 Though public support for both major political parties is very low, one group of voters is usually exempted from this […]

The Theology of Economic Justice & Creation Care: New Evangelicals

The Theology Behind Economic Justice and Creation Care By Marcia Pally Radical Orthodoxy: Vol 1, nos. 1&2, Aug. 2012; Introduction: “The one with the most toys at the end wins.” This intentionally cavalier motto of neo-liberal economics has, in […]

From European Calvinism to American Evangelicalism

From European Calvinism to American Evangelicalism By Marcia Pally Conference on Religious Ambiguities and Pluralities Institute for Advanced Study, Berlin June 22, 2007 As I understand my mandate today, it is to describe something about the evolution from European Calvinism […]