The Tragedy of Evangelical Politics–Commonweal Magazine

The Tragedy of Evangelical Politics By Marcia Pally Donald Trump can seemingly do no wrong in the eyes of many evangelical voters. His support among white evangelicals rose from 81 percent in 2016 to 84 percent in 2020 and […]

The Jan. 6 riot shocked Americans. Maybe it shouldn’t have

AMERICA MAGAZINE POLITICS & SOCIETYNEWS ANALYSIS The Jan. 6 riot shocked Americans. Maybe it shouldn’t have. Marcia Pally July 22, 2022 A video of President Donald Trump recording a statement on Jan. 7, 2021, is played, as the House […]

BY MARCIA PALLY, OPINION CONTRIBUTOR 06/29/22 2:15 PM ET Trump and Jan.6 epitomize America’s history of us vs them In yesterday’s surprise hearing on the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to Donald Trump’s then Chief of Staff Mark […]

The White Evangelical Vote: An Irony of American Religio-Political Culture

The White Evangelical Vote: An Irony of American Religio-Political Culture Political Theology Network May 22, 2022 By Marcia Pally Why is populism persuasive and specifically persuasive to these religious Christians? Said another way, what makes right-wing populism seem, to deeply […]

Overturning Roe won’t end white evangelical politics

Abortion is not the only issue driving white evangelical politics. (RNS) — With proof leaking out that the Supreme Court is preparing to overturn Roe v. Wade, many are saying white evangelicals have finally gotten what they want. It was the […]

Why many American white evangelicals support Putin

Why do so many of America’s white evangelicals support Putin? Marcia Pally 19 Apr 2022 Those who believe that America’s white evangelicals have embraced Vladimir Putin due to some fundamentalist proclivity for authoritarianism have the story backwards. Even though they […]

America’s New Evangelicals and Their Politics

Campaign Stops STRONG OPINIONS ON THE 2012 ELECTION The New Evangelicals By MARCIA PALLY The New York Times, Dec. 9, 2011 Though public support for both major political parties is very low, one group of voters is usually exempted from this […]

The Theology of Economic Justice & Creation Care: New Evangelicals

The Theology Behind Economic Justice and Creation Care By Marcia Pally Radical Orthodoxy: Vol 1, nos. 1&2, Aug. 2012; Introduction: “The one with the most toys at the end wins.” This intentionally cavalier motto of neo-liberal economics has, in […]