The Theology of Economic Justice & Creation Care: New Evangelicals

The Theology Behind Economic Justice and Creation Care By Marcia Pally Radical Orthodoxy: Vol 1, nos. 1&2, Aug. 2012; Introduction: “The one with the most toys at the end wins.” This intentionally cavalier motto of neo-liberal economics has, in […]

Social Science Research Council: America’s New Evangelicals

Social Science Research Council Colloquium on America’s New Evangelicals Organized and Edited By Marcia Pally January 2013;  Click here  This series includes essays by Marcia Pally, John Milbank, David Gushee, Heidi Unruh, Joel Hunter, John Ashman, Bob Smietana, David R. […]

America’s ”New Evangelicals”: Emissaries for the Common Good

America’s ”New Evangelicals”: Emissaries for the Common Good By Marcia Pally Published in Die Welt, Oct. 19, 2010  In public discussion today, religion is a sorry sight, linked to fundamentalism, terrorism, and benighted threats to democracy. This is just what […]