Dr. Pamela Cooper-White & Dr. Marcia Pally about White Evangelical Populism–on “Veterans of the Culture War”

I’m honored and thrilled that psychologist and theologian Dr. Pamela Cooper-White and I had a chance to talk about white evangelical populism with top-drawer journalists Zach Malm and David Lester at Veterans of the Culture Wars, one of the most rigorous and compassionate programs on the controversial issues of the day. Cooper-White brings invaluable insights on both the psychology of populism and on how to get out of culture-war animosity and talk with people–family, friends, strangers– “on the other side.”  Click here

The Tragedy of Evangelical Politics–Commonweal Magazine

The Tragedy of Evangelical Politics https://www.commonwealmagazine.org/evangelical-politics-trump-populism-abortion-white-supremacy By Marcia Pally Donald Trump can seemingly do no wrong in the eyes of many evangelical voters. His support among white evangelicals rose from 81 percent in 2016 to 84 percent in 2020 and […]