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It’s the Genes! It’s the Hair! It’s “Cooperativity”: An Evolutionary Account of Populism

Have a look at my new post for Counterpoint Navigating Knowledge on populism from an evolutionary perspective. Click here

Aquinas & Politics: Getting Into and Out of the Common Good

Have a look at a new piece of mine: Aquinas explains what’s awry in politics.  Click here

Circling the Elephant: Why Religious Difference Matters

Check out this wonderful piece by John Thatamanil on sharing different religious traditions yet keeping them different. Click here

Populism & Religion Outside the US

I organized a panel on populism and religion around the world at the 2018 conference of the American Academy of Religion–great group of scholars with important insights and information. You can watch the video here Panelists were: Luke Bretherton (Duke), Torsten Meireis (Humboldt University), Dion Forster (Stellenbosch University), and Michael Minkenberg (European University).  

The Invention of the Anti-Christ: Karl Barth and Erich Przywara

The nature of humanity: how fallen are we? New essay on the fascinating debate between Karl Barth and Erich Przywara in the shadow of WWII fascism.  Click here

Fighting our Enemies Well

Changing the mindset of polarization and fighting–this blog is worth reading. Click here

The economy’s up: Why many Americans are down

Check out this informative piece on rising income and wealth inequality even as the economy is supposedly booming. Click here

What Climate Change Denial Means for Those Who Deny It

Great reportage–talking to Americans who suffer from the effects of climate change but believe it isn’t happening. Click here

Perception and the Platypus–you ain’t “seen” nothing yet

check this out, on learning to see the world that’s in front of us: click here

Social media as religion – unexamined desire and (mis-in)formation

“Social media is the most prevalent religion of our time. Like other faiths, it forms us.” Check out this blog.   Click here

A Crisis for democracy and a boon for populism

 One danger to democracy: disconnecting democratic procedures from their purposes. We think democracy remains because the surface trappings do, but the essentials may be lost.  Click here

The Time of Loneliness

Check out this thoughtful blog on our sped-up living and it’s not so “side” effects. Click here        

$2 trillion in tax cuts to the top 1% and other aspects of income inequality

Check out this research (click here) and this chart (click here) to see how middle class incomes rose more than the incomes of the rich before 1980 and how the rich and super-rich now get staggeringly more.

Commonwealth & Covenant book selected by U.N.

Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality, my 2016 book, has been selected by the United Nations program, Education for Justice, “a key component of the Global Programme for the Implementation of the Doha Declaration,” to be distributed in their materials to “educators, academics, policy-makers, parents, students, teacher training institutes, and curriculum developers throughout … Continue reading

Redeeming Populism: The Promise of a Liberal Covenanted Republic

Have a look at my piece on how populism works overall and how it plays out in the US. Click here

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New Release: Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality

Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality

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