Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality

Commonwealth and Covenant. This 2016 volume applies intellectual history, philosophy, and theologies of relationality (Christian and Jewish) to develop a framework for economic and political policy. A “magisterial study of relationality in Western theology and culture”—William Storrar, Center for Theological […]

Mimesis and Sacrifice

Mimesis and Sacrifice (Ed., 2019): this edited volume by an inter-disciplinary and international groups of scholars looks at the ethics of how notions of sacrifice are used in contemporary life, from the military and business to gender relation and politics. […]

The New Evangelicals: Expanding the Vision of the Common Good

The New Evangelicals Polarized politics and religious-based terrorism have raised the question; is deep religious belief antithetical to liberal democracy? This book explores America’s evangelical communities who have left the Right for a worldview and practices where religious life and liberal […]

Critique Abandoned: The Ceding of Democracy

Critique Abandoned: The Ceding of Democracy Purchase on Amazon Why do Western democracies at once offer their citizens the greatest freedoms and opportunities and yet are unable to solve many of their fundamental problems? Critique Abandoned looks at how citizens […]

Sustained Content-Based Teaching in Academic ESL/EFL

Sustained Content-Based Teaching in Academic ESL/EFL. Purchase on Amazon This book explores the benefits to ESL/EFL learners of content-based instruction where a unit of study is sustained over time. Ten case studies are examined that address all skill areas and […]