Former Prez American Academy of Religion on Leonard Cohen book

David P. Gushee, Past President, American Academy of Religion and the Society of Christian Ethics, wrote this about From This Broken Hill: “Marcia Pally offers here an immensely rich theological interpretation of the work of legendary Canadian poet-musician Leonard Cohen… It deepens my immense appreciation for the impressive intellectual range of Marcia Pally. This is a tour de force.”





Evangelicals: David Gushee and Marcia Pally

Evangelicals: Belief and Politics Today A conversation with David Gushee and Marcia Pally November 22, 2017   Professor Marcia Pally and Christian ethicist David Gushee discuss the meaning of “evangelical” and how that identification intersects with other social, political, and religious ideologies. MP: During the […]

Interview: Marcia Pally on the New Evangelicals

Interview: Marcia Pally on the New Evangelicals  By Jarrod Longbons The Art of the Good Life: Contemporary Thinkers You Should Read Nov. 1, 2011  Professor Marcia Pally teaches at New YorkUniversity in Multilingual Multicultural Studies and at Fordham University’s Institute of American Language and Culture. Her new book is The New […]