Leonard Cohen’s Spiritual Advisor, Rabbi Finley

Rabbi Mordecai Finley, spiritual counselor to Leonard Cohen, called From This Broken Hill I Sing to You superb book,” “sophisticated and accessible.” Finley continues, “As someone whose relationship with Old Priest was rooted in theological discussions, it is such a pleasure to see his depth so beautifully and originally articulated.”







Photo Credit: Jorge Represa

Leonard Cohen’s “Who By Fire” Inspired by the Day of Atonement–this week

Check out this beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Who By Fire,” inspired by the service for the Jewish Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, which is this Thursday, Sept 16, 2021.


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Leonard Cohen on God–as the Jewish High Holidays Begin

Tonight, the Jewish High Holidays begin. Leonard Cohen wrote this about God: “Not knowing where to go, I go to you. Not knowing where to turn, I turn to you… I travel on a hair to you… I go through a pinhole of light. Blessed are you, who waits in the world.” (Book of Mercy, 1984).

Leonard Cohen book-review!

  Delighted to post Seth Rogovoy’s advance review of “From This Broken Hill I Sing to You.” Rogovoy is a music critic and author of “Bob Dylan: Prophet, Mystic, Poet.” He writes, “Drawing from the entirety of Cohen’s creative output, including his oft-overlooked novels, Marcia Pally takes Cohen seriously as a religious thinker. The listener – or reader, in this case – comes out the winner.” Available on Amazon. #LeonardCohenBrokenHillBook