The Tragic Irony of Populism

The tragic irony of populism is that once-productive, government wary anti-authoritarianism and community localism can distort into exclusionary, us-them suspicion of the “deep state” and “outsiders,” ending us at racist violence and the Jan. 6 riot at the US Capitol Building. Read more here

Sam Perry, Marcia Pally, Dave Davis on White Evangelical Populism

Click here: Sam Parry, co-author with Phil Gorski, of The Flag and the Cross, Pastor Dave Davis, and Marcia Pally, author of White Evangelicals and Right Wing Populism: How Did We Get Here? talk about Christianity, the political right, and the future of America; hosted by the Telos Group.


Former Prez American Academy of Religion on Leonard Cohen book

David P. Gushee, Past President, American Academy of Religion and the Society of Christian Ethics, wrote this about From This Broken Hill: “Marcia Pally offers here an immensely rich theological interpretation of the work of legendary Canadian poet-musician Leonard Cohen… It deepens my immense appreciation for the impressive intellectual range of Marcia Pally. This is a tour de force.”