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What Climate Change Denial Means for Those Who Deny It

Great reportage–talking to Americans who suffer from the effects of climate change but believe it isn’t happening. Click here

New tax bill on churches and charities-Interesting take

Check out this analysis of the new tax bill’s impact on churches and charities. Click here

the nation and planet’s future–politics aside, no, really

a provocative assessment of the world we’re leaving for our (grand)children. Politics aside, what should people of all political and religious stripes could be doing about it. Click here

Most Believe Science in Conflict with Religion—Except Their Own

Check out these findings on American’s perceptions of conflict between science and religion. Click here

Climate change, evangelicals, and humor

great take on the National Association of Evangelicals announcement on climate change–history, insight, humor.

On the pope and the long history of Christian stewardship

have a look at this new article by Charles Redfern on the press spin on the pope and the long Christian tradition of stewardship.

The new pope, the press, and the (real) Christian history on stewardship

Chuck Redfern’s insightful column about Pope Francis, the press  spin, and the history of Christian stewardship.

Creation Care and business money

check out Chuck Redfern’s sharp and well-researched comment on our environment and big bucks–or type into your browser:

Very interesting data on climate change/creation care

have a look at this–what should Christian be doing? Longer than my usual posts–but really. what should we be doing? FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 6, 2014 Contact: Sarah Bucci, Environment Virginia Campaign Director,,804-716-7032  National Climate Assessment Shows Urgent Need for Action Coastal Infrastructure Is Vulnerable To Sea Level Rise, Storm Surges Richmond, VA – Today, the … Continue reading

Evangelicals praying for the environment

a new, thoughtful piece on the Keystone Pipeline and the evangelical response. Or type into your browser:

Punchy piece on creation care

Provocative, punchy reporting in this piece on creation care and evangelicals–or type into your browser:

Some evangelicals urging the NAE on Creation Care

Chuck Redfern, here again persuasive, on Creation Care.Or type into your browser:

Obama, the environment, the pope

very informative, insightful  piece on the care of God’s creation by Cizik –or type into your browser: .

Check out Cizik on climate change and creation

Check out this radio segment about Creation Care and climate change–what do you think? Or type into your browser:

Creation & our trans-political obligation

short, compelling video on Creation, politics, & our bi-partisan obligation. Or type into your browser:

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