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Evangelicals and Republicans: Do or die? A critique

Have a look at Chuck Redfern’s sharp, thought-provoking piece on evangelical support for Trump and Republican instrumentalization of evangelicals. Click here

Where are the Democrats on faith?

sharp look at the Democrats, faith, and the upcoming election–have a look. or type into your browse 

a thought for election day

David Gushee explains what a vote for historic Christianity means, giving us much to think about.

New Interview on changes in evangelical voting and activism-Aug. 2012

Have a look at this discussion on recent changes in activism and voting among American evangelicals, their likely impact on the 2012 presidential election, and the media’s response. Prof. Marcia Pally was interviewed on German TV (in English) by “Pro” magazine in August, 2012.

Young evangelicals: Vision, activism, voting

a new article on what evangelicals 18-30 are thinking and doing during the election and beyond–environment, poverty, gays  — or type into your Browser

Evangelicals on “The Point” – Direct Link

Hi! here’s the direct link to the new discussion of “new evangelicals” on “The Point” (or type into your Browser

New Evangelicals on The Point

Check out The Point’s punchy, smart discussion about new evangelicals, the religious right, and the Democratic party (start at 18 min 25 seconds into the show) — or type into your Browser

Evangelicals and the 2012 election – on Beliefnet

an article of mine is now on Beliefnet–about the diversity of evangelical voting and the kingdoms of faith and politics (or type into your browser:

The Evangelical Vote in the US Republican Primaries

Evangelicals are not voting as a bloc–and not for one set of reasons. Have a look at the analysis I did, published in The Guardian, or type into your Browser:

The new evangelicals in The New York Times

The NY Times published this article about the new evangelicals–or in your Browser type: I hope it’s of interest.

Review of “The New Evangelicals: Expanding the Vision of the Common Good”

have a look at this just-published review of “The New Evangelicals” (in your browser: — it will give you a good idea about it if you’re considering purchasing it or giving it as a gift. Or go to Amazon, click on “The New Evangelicals” and scroll down for the reviewstype (in your browser:

“new evangelical,” abortion, politics in USA Today

Hi! I thought you’d be interested in the USA Today article on new evangelical approaches to abortion and the possible political impact (or type into your browser:

evangelicals not in step with Republicans

check this Huff Post article out, about those, espeically Christians, who are not going along with Republican extremism (or type into your browser:

“New evangelicals”: interview with Marcia Pally and Scott Stephens

Check out this interview with Marcia Pally and Scott Stephens, or type into your browser:

Marcia Pally takes some heat for “The New Evangelicals”

check out this provacative interview –Barry Lynn talks with Marcia Pally about the book “The New Evangelicals” (in your browser:

Marcia Pally

Professor Marcia Pally

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