evangelicals and climate change

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New tax bill on churches and charities-Interesting take

Check out this analysis of the new tax bill’s impact on churches and charities. Click here

Climate change, evangelicals, and humor

great take on the National Association of Evangelicals announcement on climate change–history, insight, humor.

Creation Care and business money

check out Chuck Redfern’s sharp and well-researched comment on our environment and big bucks–or type into your browser:

Punchy piece on creation care

Provocative, punchy reporting in this piece on creation care and evangelicals–or type into your browser:

Check out Cizik on climate change and creation

Check out this radio segment about Creation Care and climate change–what do you think? Or type into your browser:

Thoughtful and rigorous on climate chage

Have a look at Mike Stafford’s recent Religion & Ethics article on climate change and faith or type into your browser:

on lent and environment

in the growing debate about the environment, a witty and thoughtful piece by Charles Redfern, or type into your browser:

Marcia Pally

Professor Marcia Pally

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New Release: Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality

Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality

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