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Discerning the Christian path–not the powers’

Have a look at Chuck Redfern’s thoughtful piece on Christians who follow the Christian path, not the powers. Click here 

Evangelicals and Republicans: Do or die? A critique

Have a look at Chuck Redfern’s sharp, thought-provoking piece on evangelical support for Trump and Republican instrumentalization of evangelicals. Click here

on immigration–thoughtful insights

check out this essay on immigration and politics

Charles Redfern on a dangerous Holy Week

have a look at Charles Redfern’s thoughtful, prodding piece on taking a dangerous Jesus seriously–or type into your browser:

Evangelicals & Catholics at the time of Benedict’s resignation

Charles Redfern wrote this insightful article about evangelicals & Catholics at a time of scandals in the church

Evangelicals and Muslims: award for dialogue and cooperation

The Casablanca Institute, where evangelicals and Muslims work towards common goals in environmental protection and other arenas, has been named at one of the ten organizations with top ideas–or copy into your browser:

moving & thoughtful piece by Charles Redfern

please have a look at this moving piece on faith and ethics — personal and provocative in the best way

Follow new posts on the SSRC Series on Evangelicalism

have a look at this thoughtful post on the Social Science Research Council’s new series on evangelicalism, or type into your Browser:

new response to new evangelicals series by Social Science Research Council

historian David Swartz gives a global perspective to shifts in evangelical activism–or type into your Browser:

New posts to Series on Evangelicals

a new post by Heidi Unrunh on the Social Science Research Council’s series on new evangelicals–or type into your browser:

John Milbank on evangelicals in the Social Science Research Council Series

this prodding analysis fascinatingly looks at new evangelicals and Catholic social teaching or type into your browser:

Series on Evangelicals by Marcia Pally at the Social Science Research Council

I’ve organized a series on evangelical ethics and activism at the SSRC, which I hope you’ll find of interest [type into your browser:]

The changing shape of religion in America

check out this article in the Christian Science Monitor on the growth and maturation of evangelical churches  — or type into your browser:

a thought for election day

David Gushee explains what a vote for historic Christianity means, giving us much to think about.

Theologies of Relationality: Healing the wounds of modernity

some thoughts about our supposed choice between individual rights/liberty and community–and a theological framework to re-weave the split for all.

Marcia Pally

Professor Marcia Pally

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New Release: Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality

marcia pally

Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality (2016), nominated for the Grawemeyer Award in religion.and selected by the U.N.'s Committee on Education for Justice to be distributed to “educators, academics, policy-makers...throughout the world.”

Mimesis and Sacrifice

Mimesis and Sacrifice (Ed., 2019), this edited volume by an inter-disciplinary and international groups of scholars looks at the ethics of how notions of sacrifice are used in contemporary life, from the military and business to gender relation and politics.

America’s New Evangelicals

America's New Evangelicals

The New Evangelicals (2011), a brief history of American evangelicalism and in-depth interviews of evangelicals who have left the right.