Hardly a day goes by when religion is not in the news, often associated with oppression and terrorism. In this book, Marcia Pally rebuts this bleak and superficial view by offering the first in-depth look at “new evangelicals”—those who have moved away from the Religious Right toward a broadened focus on economic justice, environmental care, and democracy. The far-reaching effects of this shift—in the US and abroad—ask us to reconsider religious stereotypes and refine our political thinking.

The sharp empirical analysis and vivid reporting include interviews with “new evangelicals” across the country, ages 19–74–with megachurch pastor Greg Boyd, professor David Gushee, new monastic Shane Claiborne, and ordinary evangelical plumbers, bikers, students, and firemen, assembling a collage of thoughtful, passionate voices that create a compelling snapshot of this significant new movement in American Christianity.

What people are saying: 

A groundbreaking study of America’s religio-political landscape. Beautifully written with scientific rigor and great understanding … Believers and secularists alike will be moved and challenged, and will learn much from Pally’s explanation of the issues, her field research, and the compelling interviews that show “new evangelicals” to be sensitive and sophisticated thinkers on some of today’s most pressing political and economic questions. —  Nadine Strossen, Professor of Law,New York Law School; former President, American Civil Liberties Union

I like everything about it…. breaks the damaging stereotypes of evangelicals; Pally does it splendidly. I have been waiting for such a text, and now I can use this one in my teaching and research. The artful mixture of history, analysis, description and especially the interviews makes her case eloquently and with needed nuance. — Harvey Cox, The Future of Faith

Marcia Pally’s book opens for us an insightful and sympathetic window into the world of the “new evangelicals,” capturing their voices, their beliefs, their practices in their evangelical novelty…. a compelling case for a subtle yet profound and most likely long-lasting shift in evangelical political culture. — José Casanova,Georgetown University

Eerdmans Publishing, Oct., 2011; 256 pages
ISBN: 978-0-8028-6640-0
800.253.7521 toll free



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Marcia Pally

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