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July 30, 2011 — Prof. Pally has accepted the invitation by Telos Journal to join them as an editorial advisor.

June 4, 2011 — Prof. Marcia Pally leads a Bible-study event at the German biennial Church festival (Kirchentag), this year held in Dresden, Germany and attended by over 300,000 people. The Scriptural passage was Matthew 6:19-34 . The text of the Prof. Pally’s talk can be found in the Articles section of this blog.

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Marcia Pally

Marcia Pally

New York University, Fordham University, and annual guest professor at the Theology Faculty of Humboldt University, Berlin. Research interests: religion, culture, and politics and the intersection of language and culture.

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New Release: Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality

marcia pally

Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality (2016), nominated for the Grawemeyer Award in religion.and selected by the U.N.'s Committee on Education for Justice to be distributed to “educators, academics, policy-makers...throughout the world.”

Mimesis and Sacrifice

Mimesis and Sacrifice (Ed., 2019), this edited volume by an inter-disciplinary and international groups of scholars looks at the ethics of how notions of sacrifice are used in contemporary life, from the military and business to gender relation and politics.

America’s New Evangelicals

America's New Evangelicals

The New Evangelicals (2011), a brief history of American evangelicalism and in-depth interviews of evangelicals who have left the right.

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