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Catholic Social Teaching and Republican Budget Proposals

Have a look at this important piece about Catholic Social Teachings and the budgets Republicans are propsing in this election. In the primaries, we heard much from highly conservative Catholics. But those who believe in Catholic Social Teachings have begun to respond. When Rep. Paul Ryan recently claimed that his GOP budget proposal is consistent with Catholic social teaching of “subsidiarity,” over 60 Catholic theologians, philosophers, ethicists, sisters, and priests issued a statement declaring that he was “distorting Church teaching.”


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Marcia Pally

Professor Marcia Pally

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marcia pally

Commonwealth and Covenant: Economics, Politics, and Theologies of Relationality (2016), nominated for the Grawemeyer Award in religion.and selected by the U.N.'s Committee on Education for Justice to be distributed to “educators, academics, policy-makers...throughout the world.”

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