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Rising governmental or societal hostility towards religion

Over 2.2 billion people – nearly a third (32%) of the world’s total population – live in countries where either government restrictions on religion or social hostilities involving religion rose substantially between 2006-2009. More than half of the world’s population (59%) lives with high government restrictions. Nearly half (48%) lives with high social hostilities (Europe had the largest proportion of countries in which social hostilities related to religion rose.) Perhaps most worryingly, a polarization may be emerging where countries with high governmental or societal hostilities continue to see increases while countries with low levels see declines.

I wonder how all this looks to the prince of peace.

See the August, 2011 report by the Pew Forum for Religion & Public Life (you can also type this you’re your browser:


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Marcia Pally

Marcia Pally

New York University, Fordham University, and annual guest professor at the Theology Faculty of Humboldt University, Berlin. Research interests: religion, culture, and politics and the intersection of language and culture.

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